Current Projects:




Music by Tidtaya Sinutoke

Book & Lyrics by Isabella Dawis

Directed by Desdemona Chiang


HALF THE SKY tells the story of an Asian American woman climbing Mount Everest — a contemporary American musical on a global scale, infused with the sounds of traditional Thai and Himalayan folk music.

A year after her sister’s death, Aurelie sets out to fulfill her childhood dream of climbing Mount Everest. She joins an international group of mountaineers from around the globe. As Aurelie embarks on her path to the top of the world, memories of her Thai American past and the unresolved rift between her and her sister begin to surface. Borders between countries and cultures, past and present, and waking and dreaming blur in this epic journey of ambition, survival and reconciliation.

Production/Development History:


• First Draft Story Summit at the 5th Avenue Theatre (2018)

• Commissioned by the 5th Avenue Theatre's First Draft: Raise Your Voice Program (2018-2019)

• Theater Mu's New Eyes Festival (2019)

• Theater Latté Da's NEXT Festival (2019)

• The 5th Avenue Theatre Showcase (2019)

• Eugene O'Neill Center's Independent Writer Residency (2020)

• Weston-Ghostlight New Musical Award, with director Nana Dakin (2020)

• Rhinebeck Writers Retreat (2020)

• Richard Rodgers Award Finalist (2021)

• The 5th Avenue Theatre's 2020-2021 Digital Season (2021) 

• Musical Theatre Factory Joe's Pub Concert (2022)


Sunset over the Mountains

Music by Tidtaya Sinutoke

Book & Lyrics by Isabella Dawis

Directed by Nana Dakin

with Producer/Cultural Consultant Ikumi Kuronaga


“I simply can't stop observing when thinking that one can never know when... nature will show us something unusual.”


- Hisako Koyama, 1981

SUNWATCHER, a chamber musical, is the story of astronomer Hisako Koyama (1916-1997) – intertwined with the ancient Japanese myth of the sun goddess Amaterasu, in a retelling inspired by the structure of classical Noh theatre. Hisako was a woman with no formal scientific training – also a survivor of the 1945 US air raid of Tokyo, the deadliest bombing in history – who managed to rise to the stature of Galileo. She did so by drawing the sun in painstaking detail every day for 40 years, a landmark achievement for solar science. SUNWATCHER is a celebration of Hisako’s extraordinary dedication to ordinary observation, reminding us how seemingly small acts can have an immense impact over time and space.

Production/Development History:


• EST/Sloan Foundation New Commission Finalist (2020)

• The Civilians R&D Group (2020-2021)

• Johnny Mercer Writers Grove at Goodspeed Musicals (2021)

• Rattlestick Playwrights Theater's Global Forms Festival (2021)

• Ancram Opera House's Summer Play Lab & Residency (2021)

• The Civilians' FINDINGS Series (2021)

• Tofte Lake Center's NEAP Residency (2021)

• Weston Theater Company's Spring Artist Retreat (2022)

• Ancram Opera House's Summer Play Lab & Residency (2022)




Mountains and Sun




Book, Music & Lyrics by Tidtaya Sinutoke

Lyrics by Lily Ali-Oshatz, Naomi Matlow

A story about love, family, grief, immigration, and cancer.


DEAR MR. C, is an intimate, verbatim, indie-pop memoir with a hint of traditional Thai lullaby. It is a memory play with music that tells the story of a Thai immigrant musical theatre writer who's trying to find peace after one phone call turns her world upside-down.

Production/Development History:

• The Voices of America Writers Workshop at the PlayGround Experiment (2020)

• NYFA's City Artist Corps Grant, with director Marina Montesanti (2021)

• Polyphone Festival, with director Marina Montesanti (2022)

• The Crossroads Project, with director Janet Wilson (2022)

Past Projects:


Music by Tidtaya Sinutoke

Book & Lyrics by Ty Defoe


A coming-of-age story about teenage Ella Horses who runs away from her Native American reservation. Due to the recent death of her mother, Ella Horses runs away to the city of Chicago. There she meets her kindred best friend, P, a girl from Thailand. Together these two girls embark on a rite of passage from girlhood to womanhood.


Production/Development History:


New York University (2013)

B-Side Production (2014)

Yale Institute for Music Theatre (2014)

Collaborative Development Production (CDP) Workshop (2014)

CAP21 Writers Residency (2015)

ASCAP Musical Theatre Workshop in New York (2015)

Kilroy's Honorable Mentions List (2015)

Music by Tidtaya Sinutoke

Book & Lyrics by Ty Defoe


Hart Island, the United States most documented potter's field; located in the Bronx, NY, where an estimated one million people are buried, dating back from 1869 to present day. This investigative theatre piece depicts stories of dead people who gather, at an abandon theme park to remember their life and death. A series of stories were gathered, imagined, and stitched together to highlight people who are undocumented, in poverty, or lost. HART ISLAND REQUIEM asks what happen to those souls when they are unable to rest in peace in "America"?


Production/Development History:


• The Civilians R&D Group (2015-2016)

• CAP21 Writers Residency (2016)

• Robert Rauschenberg Residency (2016)

• Anna Sosenko Assist Trust Grant (2016)

• EtM Con Edison Composer-in-Residence (2016-2017)

• CATWALK Art Residency (2016)

• One Company Writer's Residency Retreat (2017)

• Apples and Oranges Studio THEatre ACCELERATOR (2017)

• Johnny Mercer Writers Colony at Goodspeed Musicals (2018)

• Polyphone Festival (2019)

• Drama League Residency (2019)




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